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Our Most Popular Courses

We offer in person (at a location) and virtual tutoring sessions.

We teach Grades 1-8 students offering the following subjects

  • Mathematics
  • English Language Arts
  • Comprehension and Spelling
  • Creative Writing
  • Reading

Reasons why your child might benefit from tutoring

If a child is struggling with specific subjects or concepts, tutoring can provide personalized instruction to help them understand and master these areas.

Children who struggle academically often experience a drop in self-confidence. Tutoring can help build their self-esteem by providing small successes and positive reinforcement.

Every child learns at their own pace. Tutoring can provide one-on-one attention that accommodates a child’s unique learning speed and style.

Tutors can teach effective study habits, time management, and organizational skills that are not always covered in a traditional classroom setting.

Tutors can help students prepare for standardized tests, entrance exams, or important school exams, providing strategies and practice to improve performance.

Tutoring can assist children in completing homework and assignments, ensuring they understand and complete their work to the best of their ability.

If a child is not challenged enough at school, tutoring can provide additional stimulation to keep them engaged and motivated.

Children with learning disabilities or special educational needs can greatly benefit from the specialized techniques and patient support of a tutor.

Tutoring can lead to better grades and a deeper understanding of subjects, which is often a primary goal for students and parents.

The skills and habits acquired through tutoring can set a foundation for long-term academic success well beyond the immediate goals.

In summary, tutoring can be a valuable resource for various academic needs and goals, providing customized support to enhance a child’s learning experience.

What Our Students Have to Say

We're really liking this virtual tutoring, and James looks forward to it! Thank you for making it available. It's helping us and gives us extra structure in our week, too. Much appreciated!
Vanessa R.
We just tried our first session and it was a huge help! My child shared their screen and the tutor was able to help her understand her math homework! I am so thankful for this help, thank you!
Femi's mum
We very much enjoyed the friendly and personal service. Our son was very successful due to your personalized instruction.. His self-esteem and grades increased. Thank you
Jennifer L.
I love that everyone is so friendly and helpful! I love that our son is learning and having fun while doing so! Learning should be fun! I want our son to not only learn, but have a passion for learning! Thanks for helping keep that passion for learning going!
Bimpe A.


We charge $50 per hour for one-on-one lessons. 

$40 per hour for group tutoring. 

All lessons are virtual.

Unless the student wants to attend the tutor's home, please call (825 333 3900) if this is the option you prefer.

Feedback is also given to parents.

All materials are provided to students.

All payments are taken in advance of lessons to: misspurpletutoring@gmail.com

All payments are taken in advance of lessons to MissPurpleTutoring@gmail.com.

Group Tutoring $40 per hour

 Four hours a month – $160 a month – A deposit of $160 is required for this Pay-as-you-go package. 

10 hours – $400   1 hour added = 11 hours
20 hours – $800    2 hours added = 22 hours
40 hours -$2000   4  hours extra = 44 hours
100 hours $4000  110 hours = Suitable for families and for the entire school year = $4,000

If you need more hours, you get a 10% discount for booking over 100 hours.

Payment can be made in installments (as agreed).